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Welcome to Marando Service purchasing, sales, repair, maintenance and service on injection molding and plastic molding machines

For over 30 years Marando Service deals with purchase, sales, maintenance and repair of injection and plastic molding machines.

Marando Service srl is proud to announce to its customers the launch of the partnership for the import and distribution, exclusively for the Italian market, the Tederic presses Ltd.

Electronic Repairs

We carry out repairs of electronic boards and video monitors CRT, LCD and LED on injection plastic molding machines and presses.

Injection Moulding Machines Revisions

We carry out comprehensive audits and maintenance of injection molding machines and machines for plastic molding of the main brands.

Programmed Technical Assistance

We operate interventions of programmed technical assistance and extraordinary on injection and plastic molding machines presses.

Original Spare Parts

We sell original mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic spare parts for major brands of injection molding and plastic molding machines presses.