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Revisions injection molding and plastic molding equipment Turin

Revisioni presseMarando Service s.r.l. is able to perform complete revisions of injection molding machinery.

Our experience of over 30 years allows us to intervene with absolute professionalism and competence, and our reviews include the action described below. All the machines we reviewed will be reported to the original state, without altering or modifying in any way the characteristics of the same machinery that will therefore be in compliance with regulations in order of security .:

    Revision electrical system;
    Revision plumbing;
    Revision of mechanical parts such as press plates, pins, bushings and bearings;
    Replacing pistons and cylinders;
    Replacement of heat exchangers, hydraulic pumps and flow switches;
    hydraulic engine overhaul;
    Replace the complete injection unit;
    Replacing all the trimmings;
    Application of jacks, air jets and robots;
    Total repainting;
    Provision of guarantee and sworn appraisal;

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